Geez, it’s my second post and I’ve already let our reader(s) down. In my first post I wrote that we would publish a new blog entry every Tuesday. It’s now Wednesday, so obviously that didn’t happen. Since I have no excuse, let me amend my earlier statement to say that from now on I do solemnly swear to post a new entry every week – probably. Whether that post is from me or Tom will most likely depend on whether he has something more interesting to catalog that day. If you would like more posts from Tom – the one who actually knows something about books, please encourage him by writing comments about his next post. Otherwise you’ll be stuck with my ruminations on things you don’t care about or probably already know.

As for what’s new at BTC, the Holiday Catalog (a.k.a. catalog #155) has mailed and many of you are no doubt pouring over its contents. Just note that when you make that inevitable purchase, please call (856) 456-8008, and not the number listed in the catalog. Through some fantastically rare oversight that we are blaming on a computer glitch, Wall Street insiders and the looming H1N1 pandemic, two numbers were transposed. (Our sincere apologies to Manny’s House of Cheese who has been kindly redirecting our sales calls.)

Lastly, browse over to the bio page to see our new avatars, courtesy of Tom Bloom. Mine, which had been an old balding writer, has been replaced with a more youthful image (shown above). Tom C. is now smartly dressed in a jacket and tie, as he appears each day here at BTC, and Dan is wearing his patented dress shirt and sweater vest combo. Books may be our business but looking good is our passion.