Matt keeps haranguing me to write my damn blog entry. That is in those few spare moments when he isn’t haranguing me to tidy up my workspace.

Today I had an excuse. I went off on a secret mission to meet with a couple of other booksellers about opening a jointly run rare bookstore. Of course it isn’t in my garrulous nature to keep secrets for too long, but because it isn’t a done deal yet, I’ll keep the details to myself for the time being.

However, rest assured, I’ll be sure to bore you with them as they become more concrete. Failing that, I’ll make some up.

The meeting itself mostly consisted of a long lunch, where we tried to come up with a snappy general name for the shop that would be suitably appealing to the rare book buying public, but sophomoric enough to appeal to a group of aging male rare booksellers. Needless to say, we are now well supplied with sophomoric names, but suitable and appealing ones are in rather short supply.

I see more long lunches in my future.

Both Dan and Heidi seem to think that opening a new rare bookstore is a horrendously stupid idea, when one considers that a large percentage of the rest of the country’s rare booksellers are in the process of closing their stores. Dan and Heidi are usually pretty sagacious about such things, and I’m rather inclined to agree with them in their opinion.

However, at this point in my career, I’m much more interested in doing what I find fun and/or personally amusing than I am in making careful and tidy business decisions. Maybe in the process of amusing myself, I might help to amuse some others as well.

At any rate, it seems like we’ll be going ahead with the plan.

Of course this all comes at a time when I’ll be frantically busy: we have a book fair next week in Manhattan (Books at the 25th Street Armory), the California Antiquarian Book Fair in Los Angeles next month, the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair in St. Petersburg a couple of weeks after that, and an ILAB Committee meeting in Barcelona the following week. Jeez, I really am going to be pretty busy.

Maybe Dan and Heidi will take care of the details of opening the shop!