This morning Matt and I were discussing our blog, and how remiss we were in posting to it. The problem is, we’re busy buying, cataloging, and selling books. It’s kinda a full time job around here. We concluded that if we’re going to blog more often, we’ll have to blog about what we’re actually DOING between the covers. I mean, AT Between the Covers. So, to restart the blog with a report of what I’ve been up to, this week I created a dozen new catalogs, each devoted to a different classic science-fiction author.

Specifically, we now have pdf catalogs you can download from our website on:

Poul Anderson (3.35 MB)
Isaac Asimov (3.62 MB)
Ray Bradbury (2.03 MB)
Arthur C. Clarke (3.26 MB)
L. Sprague de Camp (2.96 MB)
Philip K. Dick (2.73 MB)
Philip Jose Farmer (2.62 MB)
Robert Heinlein (1.52 MB)
Frank Herbert (2.08 MB)
Robert E. Howard (1.74 MB)
Ursula K. LeGuin (2.31 MB)
Larry Niven (2.70 MB)
Andre Norton (2.17 MB)
Frederik Pohl (1.42 MB)
Clifford D. Simak (1.33 MB)
Roger Zelazny (1.60 MB)

Many book dealers have stopped issuing catalogs entirely. Others are happy to put out a couple a year. With an inventory of a third of a million books, we have to work a little harder than that. I think 12 catalogs in a week is pretty good, even if they do follow our author-catalog template. Next week? Another dozen sci-fi authors, or course.

Our continually growing list of author and subject specific catalogs can be found on our website here.