Lots of Books

Tom Bloom's illustration for our List 41, from 2003

While working in the database yesterday I happened to notice that this week we topped 100,000 books photographed and available on our website. It wasn’t a milestone that we were strategically aiming for (as what sane bookseller would?), it just kind of happened. It reminds me of Ken Lopez’s response when Kevin Johnson asked him where he finds first editions: “I don’t know. They just keep showing up.” The fact that we can now claim 100K books on-line at BTC also reminds me of the last time I mentioned a numeric figure to Terry Belanger. Terry replied: “That may well be. But anytime someone quotes a statistic to me, I’m reminded of what Dorothy Parker once said. [Pause while he patiently waits for you to run through all the Dorothy Parker quotes you might have in your own head, and then continues with a smile] She said, ‘If all the girls who attended the Yale prom were laid end to end, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.'”

Now the challenge is to find a nice home for each and every one of them…

— Dan