Life’s persistent problems, the business of Philosophy, was not a matter of grave concern to us at BTC, until the acquisition of two important first editions of Kierkegaard prompted a look into our holdings. What we found were several works by Nietzsche and other Germans both good and evil. They comprise the heart of a new catalog of select titles.

Here you’ll find first editions of Jaspers and Heidegger, and works on Whitehead and Wittgenstein. Also included are many classics and a few surprises. For example, we certainly do not consider Nazi party leader Alfred Rosenberg a classic thinker, but his influence cannot be denied, and his signed copy of a rather banal book on household architecture sent shivers down our spines. Positive surprises also abound in these pages, and we are especially pleased to offer an astrological treatise annotated by the young Thomas Huxley. Also of interest is Graham Greene’s copy of John Locke’s Political Philosophy, with his ownership signature lightly struck through and the next owner’s name written in beneath. However, in order to remain sane we confined ourselves largely to actual philosophers and did not dip into our large inventory of quasi-philosophical titles such as The Philosophy of Football. If those are more to your liking, let us know as we’ll be happy to oblige. Until then check out our new catalog and enjoy!

The title page of Huxley's copy of the Primum Mobile by Didacus Placidus De Titus

An extract from Huxley's speculations on Antediluvian knowledge, the Alexandrian library, and Ptolemy