The Roof - Between the CoversBetween the Covers of a RoofApril showers bring the roofers, at least they did today. After 85 years of weathering the precipitation, our old school building had one leak too many and it was time to call our friends at DJK Roofing (Darren always does a great job at a fair price, so I’ll give him a plug here). Unlike previous repairs of decades past, in which a new layer of asphalt was added each time, it was necessary to strip a large portion of our roof down to the cricket (the wooden sloped layer that looks like the deck of a ship) and build up again. Several layers of patches over eight decades had created a buckling effect which left small pools of water after each rainstorm, and the only way to eliminate the puddles was to remove the buckled layers. But fear not, by this evening the good ship BTC will be right as, um, rain. The good news: no books were hurt – the leak was spotted down one of the classroom walls.

— Dan