If you call yourself a bibliophile then you have no doubt owned, consulted, or yearned for a bibliography on more than one occasion. These endlessly helpful reference books are the product of dedicated people who do the yeoman’s work of researching authors, genres, and subjects of every kind, so that we don’t have to, while still allowing us to all bask in the glow of their accumulated knowledge. For that we owe them many, many thanks. In that spirit, we point out that the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers is preparing to name the winner of its 16th Annual Breslauer Prize for Bibliography. The list of submissions is long and varied and bound to included more than one worthy title, but as Sean Connery has taught us: “There can be only one!” Each week from now until the winner is announced ILAB will feature a different book on its website. The first title can be found here and for the full Breslauer Prize Press Release click this link. All hail the bibliographer!